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In additionEscorts Top 20

Escorts Top 20 Model Picks are brought to you by Cachet Ladies. At Cachet Ladies we totally understand beauty and seduction you could even say we set the bar at every single lobby bar in Toronto! However we still need to give credit where credit is due. Therefore the world of modeling has been a world filled with gorgeous women who essentially are unknowns. First of all it’s easy to remember that most models we see on television, newspapers and in online magazines are from countries we can barely pronounce, let alone be able to remember these gorgeous names.  Consequently some of us escorts we were sitting around the swanky Ritz hotel lobby bar in Toronto and we were talking about the unnoticed yet gorgeous set of Canadian and American models, some of who were in Toronto for TIFF.

Similar Gorgeous Looks, But Totally Obtainable

In addition most of the models we found online are encountering the same career boosts such as the likes of Cindy Crawford, Erin Wasson, and Karlie Kloss, these gorgeous assortment of women have become the new bodies and faces to follow. The new world is all about social media and we can clearly see why the largest brands this world has ever scene loves these stunners.

By putting together 20 of the most stunning Canadian and American ladies —and  you don’t have to trust us in our opinions but know this, these women are here to stay, so get used to seeing their face everywhere.

What can we say, Cachet Ladies love going after the hottest escort talent in Toronto.

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