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Location: Toronto, Ontario

The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) has grown to be the largest Canadian and publicly attended international film festivals in the world. With over 500,000 people expected to attend in the year 2016 it’s important to remember that Toronto built it’s TIFF infrastructure to accommodate the truly dynamic culture which is film.

This year like last year the Film festival will center around the downtown King West area and predominantly takes place in and around the TIFF Bell Lightbox.

Tiff Escorts are a big part of the Toronto International Film Festival. Our Escorts are always available for entertaining celebrities and movie goers alike

TIFF Escorts

Cachet Ladies Toronto Escorts plays quite the role when it comes to entertainment and TIFF this year, like last year we are an integral part of the festivities. It seems almost untrue that the longest running escort agency in Toronto has deep roots in Film Festival culture but it isn’t. Our top VIP models are just as important a fixture in the night life as Yorkville is to fashion. When the top actors and their entourages come to town, Cachet Ladies escorts fulfils an important role in filling parties, ensuring guests are having a great time and even arranging more seductive entertainment in a social environment when needed.

The entertainers of our highly coveted and sensual roaster include lawyers, teachers and even engineers. Our Top VIP TIFF Escorts talent is a step above the competition in terms of intellectual conversation. When we are hired to bring a troupe out to a soiree with #TIFF we aren’t just in charge of the conversation we pride ourselves in making sure all guests are always entertained.

Professional, Attractive and Seductive has been our allure since 1998, as the founding member of the Safety Escort Council Cachet Ladies Toronto Escorts goes above and beyond to ensure our clients safety.

All the after parties that will be happening this week will stretch our Tiff Escorts resources thin, but we know it’s worth it since it’s this time of year where we celebrate not only film, but the end to a fantastic summer.

From Roy Thompson Hall, Princess of Wales Theater, The Elgin and Winter Garden the top models of Cachet Ladies will be attending the films, and the occasions. We want to be a part of the International Film Festival not just for the parties but for the culture as well. We strongly believe you can’t experience the parties without seeing the features.

We look forward to seeing all the amazing gentlemen from across the globe this week, we know our services are as exciting and important to TIFF as TIFF is important to Cachet Ladies.


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