Scheduling Escorts & Planning Ahead

Scheduling Escorts

Why Planning Ahead with Escorts is the smartest move you can make

Scheduling escorts and booking the right escort can become the very bane of existence. When done incorrectly you can get that uneasy feeling rather quickly. The easiest way around that is to call ahead. When you plan ahead, you’ll have no issues with finding the right escort to meet you at your destination or hotel.

If you wait until the last second, you’ll scramble to find a safe place to meet and worst of all an escort you aren’t entirely happy with. While there are the odd really hot escorts still available because she signed on after a boring night out with some friends, you know the odds are against you. What’s worse calling ahead and selecting the right escort for you who is to accommodate your needs, or begging for the right escort to make herself available last minute? We want you to be happy so we aren’t telling you that you need to book early and plan ahead, we are just begging you to do so….

Does Every Escort need a Reservation in Advance?

Not every Escort or Courtesan needs a reservation in advance, but the good ones if we are to be honest need to be booked hours or even days before your appointment. So what does it mean if you call our agency at 11:00 at night? Does this mean you won’t have any high quality escorts available? No since all of our escorts are of the highest quality there will always be a personable and gorgeous escort available for you. However everyone’s taste differ, and to ensure that your tastes have the best chances of being available calling early just makes sense.

Pro Tip: Since the escorts who work at Cachet Ladies do this for fun after 5, remember they are just people like you and me. Ensuring the scheduling happens in advance ensures that the likelihood of a cancellation diminishes 100%.

How to Reserve an Escort

Cachet Ladies offers three easy ways for scheduling escorts. The first way and easiest way is to fill out the online form requesting whichever escort you wish to book. The second way is to simply call our office via telephone, or Skype. Cachet Ladies offers Skype to all our members so that you can keep our telephone number of your phones bill, thus avoiding any prying eyes. Skype is used for audio calls only. The third way is to simply send our office an email where one of customer service agents will respond to you instantly.

For the best results, we recommend calling our offices early to make the reservation you truly desire.

Calling also allows you to have any questions or concerns you have answered. You can also find out about any extra or add-ons our agency offers, such as limousine service, concierge travel service, preferred rate hotel access and other discounts on activities that may be available.

Pro Tip: By calling our office directly you can ascertain the personality of the escort you wish to meet, this is something that is always best heard directly.

You’ll pay for the duration of your appointment once you meet with the escort, minus the deposit if you put one down.

How to Confirm an Escort Reservation

Always confirm your reservation with our office, if you booked way in advance always call us on the day off to confirm. If there is any change in plan our office will call you, and of course no news is good news. However we always recommend calling us to confirm as it never hurts to be completely sure. Checking on your reservation ensures that nothing has come up that will cause trouble once your escort arrives.

Confirming your reservation allows you leeway in the event something does happen that forces you to readjust your meeting time, our escorts will always be appreciative of that.

Pro Tip: Inclement weather, construction, and emergencies can come up with travel and traffic. By calling our offices to confirm the day of it’s just smart! Ensuring that everything is ready for your appointment, you avoid any last-minute unexpected changes.

Be courteous, offer to pay any Uber or taxi fees, and assure your escort that if you are late for the appointment you’ll be there as soon as possible by messaging our offices. If you can, offer a time frame for your arrival, so they know when to expect you. Calling ahead is proper etiquette and will go a long way should you want to reserve again in the future.

Scheduling Escorts and having fun with escorts doesn’t have to be stressful. Having you and your escort arrive at your destination should be the least of your worries. Let Cachet Ladies help you plan ahead and don’t forget calling early is always the best policy.

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