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The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) has grown to be the largest Canadian and publicly attended international film festivals in the world. With over 500,000 people expected to attend in the year 2016 it’s important to remember that Toronto built it’s TIFF infrastructure to accommodate the truly dynamic culture which is film.

This year like last year the Film festival will center around the downtown King West area and predominantly takes place in and around the TIFF Bell Lightbox.

Tiff Escorts are a big part of the Toronto International Film Festival. Our Escorts are always available for entertaining celebrities and movie goers alike

TIFF Escorts

Cachet Ladies Toronto Escorts plays quite the role when it comes to entertainment and TIFF this year, like last year we are an integral part of the festivities. It seems almost untrue that the longest running escort agency in Toronto has deep roots in Film Festival culture but it isn’t. Our top VIP models are just as important a fixture in the night life as Yorkville is to fashion. When the top actors and their entourages come to town, Cachet Ladies escorts fulfils an important role in filling parties, ensuring guests are having a great time and even arranging more seductive entertainment in a social environment when needed.

The entertainers of our highly coveted and sensual roaster include lawyers, teachers and even engineers. Our Top VIP TIFF Escorts talent is a step above the competition in terms of intellectual conversation. When we are hired to bring a troupe out to a soiree with #TIFF we aren’t just in charge of the conversation we pride ourselves in making sure all guests are always entertained.

Professional, Attractive and Seductive has been our allure since 1998, as the founding member of the Safety Escort Council Cachet Ladies Toronto Escorts goes above and beyond to ensure our clients safety.

All the after parties that will be happening this week will stretch our Tiff Escorts resources thin, but we know it’s worth it since it’s this time of year where we celebrate not only film, but the end to a fantastic summer.

From Roy Thompson Hall, Princess of Wales Theater, The Elgin and Winter Garden the top models of Cachet Ladies will be attending the films, and the occasions. We want to be a part of the International Film Festival not just for the parties but for the culture as well. We strongly believe you can’t experience the parties without seeing the features.

We look forward to seeing all the amazing gentlemen from across the globe this week, we know our services are as exciting and important to TIFF as TIFF is important to Cachet Ladies.


Escort FAQ

Escort FAQ

Escort FAQ

Escort FAQ is a very important document, so please ensure to read through it carefully. If you still have questions, concerns or comments about our escort services please call and ask.

Does your agency have In-Call Escort Services?

No, Cachet Ladies does not provide ANY In-Call Escorts whatsoever as this would be totally illegal and is against the tenants of safety and security. We aren’t that type of agency. Cachet Ladies Escorts is a service oriented companion service. We introduce our clients to beautiful women for a fee. Other than the safety of our escorts we comply with all laws in Toronto and all Provincial and Federal laws period.

Does your agency require personal information for reservations?

Yes, we do require your full real name and credit card. In order to ensure that safety and security of both the client and the escort it’s essential that we know who the client is before hand. We do not store, record or keep any database of such transactions other than the time and amount for tax purposes. We destroy all information within 24 hours as promised within our Privacy Policy. We take the privacy of our clients VERY seriously.

I’m reading this FAQ and don’t see any mention of sex?

That’s correct, we don’t comment on the behavior between two consenting adults ever. This is simply none of our business and we don’t get involved. Our business model is of introduction and social companionship. We go out of our way to ensure we retain the highest caliber courtesan escorts who aren’t just beautiful but are socially interesting as well. We know this is the most important aspect of a good night. You can be sure if it’s on the Escort FAQ it’s here for a good reason.

Do your escorts drive?

Yes, many of our escorts have a drivers license and do drive, some do not and will avail themselves of Uber or a taxi to come and meet with you.

Does your agency provide any other services?

Yes, we have a fleet of high end toys for our clients to access. We have limousines, yachts (that’s right two of them) and can provide private air transport from Toronto’s Pearsons private airport. Simply call our office and ask to speak to our travel secretary who can arrange any experience you desire.

How can I pay for your services?

Cachet Ladies accepts all major credit cards, we accept travelers cheqs, certified money orders, cash and bank transfers. We will be implementing direct deposit online shortly.

Can I travel with your escorts?

Yes, many of our escorts are available for travel with advanced notice. Should you desire a weekend getaway please call our travel secretary and we can help arrange anything you wish. Our agency is connected to concierge services through the city of Toronto, and internationally and often we can secure better rates than travel agents.

Can you help arrange an evening out with me and my spouse?

Yes, and believe it or not this is actually our most popular service, to make a duo reservation simply call our offcies or order online.

Scheduling Escorts & Planning Ahead

Scheduling Escorts

Scheduling Escorts

Why Planning Ahead with Escorts is the smartest move you can make

Scheduling escorts and booking the right escort can become the very bane of existence. When done incorrectly you can get that uneasy feeling rather quickly. The easiest way around that is to call ahead. When you plan ahead, you’ll have no issues with finding the right escort to meet you at your destination or hotel.

If you wait until the last second, you’ll scramble to find a safe place to meet and worst of all an escort you aren’t entirely happy with. While there are the odd really hot escorts still available because she signed on after a boring night out with some friends, you know the odds are against you. What’s worse calling ahead and selecting the right escort for you who is to accommodate your needs, or begging for the right escort to make herself available last minute? We want you to be happy so we aren’t telling you that you need to book early and plan ahead, we are just begging you to do so….

Does Every Escort need a Reservation in Advance?

Not every Escort or Courtesan needs a reservation in advance, but the good ones if we are to be honest need to be booked hours or even days before your appointment. So what does it mean if you call our agency at 11:00 at night? Does this mean you won’t have any high quality escorts available? No since all of our escorts are of the highest quality there will always be a personable and gorgeous escort available for you. However everyone’s taste differ, and to ensure that your tastes have the best chances of being available calling early just makes sense.

Pro Tip: Since the escorts who work at Cachet Ladies do this for fun after 5, remember they are just people like you and me. Ensuring the scheduling happens in advance ensures that the likelihood of a cancellation diminishes 100%.

How to Reserve an Escort

Cachet Ladies offers three easy ways for scheduling escorts. The first way and easiest way is to fill out the online form requesting whichever escort you wish to book. The second way is to simply call our office via telephone, or Skype. Cachet Ladies offers Skype to all our members so that you can keep our telephone number of your phones bill, thus avoiding any prying eyes. Skype is used for audio calls only. The third way is to simply send our office an email where one of customer service agents will respond to you instantly.

For the best results, we recommend calling our offices early to make the reservation you truly desire.

Calling also allows you to have any questions or concerns you have answered. You can also find out about any extra or add-ons our agency offers, such as limousine service, concierge travel service, preferred rate hotel access and other discounts on activities that may be available.

Pro Tip: By calling our office directly you can ascertain the personality of the escort you wish to meet, this is something that is always best heard directly.

You’ll pay for the duration of your appointment once you meet with the escort, minus the deposit if you put one down.

How to Confirm an Escort Reservation

Always confirm your reservation with our office, if you booked way in advance always call us on the day off to confirm. If there is any change in plan our office will call you, and of course no news is good news. However we always recommend calling us to confirm as it never hurts to be completely sure. Checking on your reservation ensures that nothing has come up that will cause trouble once your escort arrives.

Confirming your reservation allows you leeway in the event something does happen that forces you to readjust your meeting time, our escorts will always be appreciative of that.

Pro Tip: Inclement weather, construction, and emergencies can come up with travel and traffic. By calling our offices to confirm the day of it’s just smart! Ensuring that everything is ready for your appointment, you avoid any last-minute unexpected changes.

Be courteous, offer to pay any Uber or taxi fees, and assure your escort that if you are late for the appointment you’ll be there as soon as possible by messaging our offices. If you can, offer a time frame for your arrival, so they know when to expect you. Calling ahead is proper etiquette and will go a long way should you want to reserve again in the future.

Scheduling Escorts and having fun with escorts doesn’t have to be stressful. Having you and your escort arrive at your destination should be the least of your worries. Let Cachet Ladies help you plan ahead and don’t forget calling early is always the best policy.

Escort Agency Toronto

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About Toronto Escorts

There are many Toronto Escort agencies who claim to be exclusive and VIP, but is this actually possible? Just one quick Google search for the term: Google.ca: “Toronto Escorts” and you will see a plethora of options. All claim to be the best but how is this actually possible? The reality like in all situations in life, you get what you pay for. If you looking for a gorgeous blonde or a sexy Asian girl,  who do you think is coming to dinner at 175 or 225 an hour? Considering the agency takes it cut what is the likelihood that you will be receiving what you called for? The answer is probably zero.

Toronto Escorts

At Toronto Escorts Cachet Ladies our true VIP models aren’t like Ikea. You absolutely get what you pay for, and our social escort companions are the sexiest you will find anywhere. Our Toronto escort agency has been around since 1998. Since we’ve been around we don’t hire just anybody.  We also understand that time is money, and nobody want’s to be wasting anyone’s time.

About our city

Toronto is an interesting city, it sometimes feels like it has it all. Although our escorts are able to travel anywhere they love this great city and love dining out in it even more.

Whether it’s a jaunt to a nice lunch in the financial district, a trip to the Eaton center or a drive out to Yorkdale or Sherway mall shopping and dinning is so abundant that it’s hard to not find what you are looking for.

The city feels a lot like New York, split up into different boroughs where cultural differences intermix in what most call the most multicultural city in the world. Walking down Spadina you will hear more than 35 different languages being spoken and that’s just within one city block.

When the city of Toronto amalgamated some years ago (since 2011 census) Toronto has a total of 2.615 Million people living in it. Today we are almost positive that this number would be almost double of what it was in 2011.

Construction in the city of Toronto in recent years has been intense, new condos and hotels have sprung up everywhere and it’s still almost impossible to find a nice condo in this city.

Housing issues aside, the City of Toronto boasts some of the hottest night clubs, lounges and restaurants. If you are in Toronto visiting us for the week or even weekend the King West area as well as Yorkville are two sure fire destinations for all things wonderful.

Toronto is also host to a number of International events such as TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) and every summer The Indy greets it’s fan’s on the lakeshore.

Toronto Escorts Reservations

Are you ready to seek a little Toronto Escort social companionship this weekend?

Click here and make an online reservation, your privacy is always secured.


Escort Agency Employment Questions


Escort Agency Employment Questions


Escort Agency Employment Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for escorts looking to work at an elite VIP agency

We have put together this guide so that those who are seeking to work for a high end agency have the knowledge required to make an informed decision. Working at a VIP escort agency is fun, exciting and even very rewarding. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about our agency.

Do I have to fill out the online form? Can I just meet you in person or can we do facetime?

We would love to be able to accommodate that request, however we currently receive between 50 and 100 applications a week. The women who are taking their time and effort to drive to our office and meet directly with us are going to take priority in the hiring process. Please ensure that you submit your profile online with recent photos. If our hiring manager is interested we will call you back to schedule an appointment that meets both our schedules.

If you are having difficulty attaching images in the employment form it’s most likely due to the image size you are attempting to upload. Please call our offices immediately if you are experiencing any difficulty with our online application process. The online application form can be found here. 

How do I know I will meet all of your escort agency’s requirements?

There is no typical body type, hair color or background we are specifically looking for. However since the position does entail social dating with men who are seeking the company of VIP models we do have some requirements that aren’t negotiable. We recommend you apply and if we are interested in meeting with you we will reach out. Unfortunately we can’t hire everyone who applies however that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

What is the average salary of an elite escort at your agency?

This is a very good question and the answer honestly depends on the escort themselves, how personable they are and how good they are at social and dynamic interactions. This position is more about keeping people company than what most people think it is.  If money is the only reason you are contacting us than we probably won’t be a good fit. When people who are in difficult financial situations apply we are less likely to be a good fit. We are looking for courtesan’s who are seeking adventure and truly enjoy this line of work.
To estimate your take home pay, please pay attention to our rate card. 

How can I be sure that safety is guaranteed?

Cachet Ladies is the proud founding member of the escort safety council.  All our staff is trained and never sends escorts into bad situations. Especially where you don’t feel comfortable. We cannot guarantee anyone’s safety 100%. We also can’t guarantee anyone driving a car today will never be injured in a car accident. As horrible as that’s sounds we stay in contact with you before, during and after your appointments to ensure you are feeling safe, secure and respected. We do the necessary screening before your appointment and if we feel you will be in danger we cancel the appointment before it happens. This is honestly the best way to protect all of our VIP escorts.

Can I be a VIP escort anonymously?

Although you can use a fake name with our clients, which we always recommend it’s not possible to complete all of your forms without having your true identification known. There are a number of legal reasons for this and should you be selected to work with us we will discuss this in greater detail than.

Is it possible to get a file or a photo on the potential client who I will be meeting with?

Since our privacy policy is so strict this would be impossible to do. We do not store, log or save any of our clients info on file. This would make sending you a dossier on the client an impossible task. Perhaps one day, if the legal landscape changes and privacy isn’t such an important concern this may be a possibility. But currently we protect our clients rights to privacy 100%. We also with the same vigor protect your privacy as well.

How do I know you won’t book me with someone I already know?

You don’t have to worry about this happening because we know who the client is before hand. Before the appointment we always secure a credit card so we always know at the very least who the appointment is with. We also have the address. We share the name and address with you before hand, should there be an issue we would deal with it before the appointment starts.  After the appointment is over we delete the client information and shred any paperwork associated within 24 hours.

What if this is my first time?

Before your initial appointment with a client we will teach you whatever you need to know.  We encourage you to ask whatever questions. Your first appointment with us will be with trusted clients. Trusted clients are well behaved and are seeking social interaction with new women. If you ask anyone who works for us they will tell you that building a book of business with Cachet can and will be very rewarding experience.

How is Cachet Ladies escort services different than other so called high end agencies?

Our agency has many clients, those clients use other agencies from time to time and there’s nothing wrong with that. However we are more expensive than other agencies because of the quality of the VIP models that we hire. So the fact that our clients keep coming back to our agency says a lot about the hiring and recruitment process. Our agency has been around since the 90’s, and we are known for being the most exclusive. We have the largest roster of high end escorts, the most beautiful ladies available at any escort agency period. We spend more money on escort profiles than any other agency and we attract a higher end clientele.

What’s the work schedule like?

The most important rule about being a VIP escort is that you work for yourself, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. You are never under any obligation to accept booking requests. We never punish you if are unable to work. You are never obliged to accept an offer, and you can decline for any reason you wish.

However that being said the VIP models who are flexible will be trusted with our most valuable clients. Working as a high end escort entitles you to live life as an adventure. Our Escorts seek whatever arrangements they wish and become whoever they want to become. If availability becomes an issue, we will simply stop booking you and eventually your profile will be deleted.



We hope this handy guide answers many of your questions, if you have any others we would be happy to help answer them for you.