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Seeking Fun & Adventure in Baldwin Village, Toronto

  • Cachet Ladies Escort Mia
  • Cachet Ladies Escort Mia
  • Cachet Ladies Escort Mia
  • Cachet Ladies Escort Mia

07 Mar Seeking Fun & Adventure in Baldwin Village, Toronto

Has anyone ever heard of this great little area of the City called Baldwin Village? It's pretty close to Kensington Market and offers some pretty cool places to chow down. Cachet Ladies Escorts is calling Baldwin Village the go to spot in Toronto on a Tuesday! 

Baldwin Village, Toronto

Baldwin Village is tiny, it's a pretty small enclave east of what most people call Chinatown. It has cafe's, a new crepe place tons of desert places and just about every flavor restaurant you can think of. Close to both University of Toronto and OCAD this hot spot is well known for the deals. It's Tuesday who doesn't want a fine dinning meal right? You can eat Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese and Vegetarian all within a five minute walk within the boundaries of this cute little city enclave. 

According to Wikipedia, "The name Baldwin Village was laid out and named after William Warren Baldwin,who owned much of the area, in the early nineteenth century. The neighbourhood developed in the early 20th century as the Jewish ghetto moved westward from its original location in The Ward towards what became the Kensington Market Jewish community, and the strip became home to a number of Jewish stores and restaurants. As the Jewish community moved north from downtown, the area's proximity to Chinatown led it to be populated by Chinese-Canadians."

We love to go and eat here and hit up the many art gallery's that are always having open door events. If you are lucky you may even score free drinks and food, and this is especially true on Tuesday's. 

Who said there's no free lunch? 

Cachet Ladies escorts are a tight bunch, we've said this before we love our city and love it even more when we can find healthy places to shop. That being said one of our favorite stores in Baldwin Village is called Baldwin Naturals. It's a health food store that doesn't look like much but you are guaranteed to find the right mix of well priced organic foods, gluten free products as well as vitamin supplements. 

Baldwin Village Toronto, Natural Health Food Store 

The healthiest place to eat in Baldwin Village, Toronto is a place called Vegetarian Haven. If you are in the mood for something healthy but tasty come feast on Asian style vegetarian fare, we promise you that keeping it clean never tasted so good! 

Baldwin Village, Toronto Vegetarian Haven 

Serious about visiting? Check out their menu here.

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Cachet Ladies Escort Mia

Cachet Ladies Escort Mia

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