Living in Toronto, The Annex where escorts eat?
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Living in Toronto, The Annex where escorts eat?

Cachet Ladies Escort Taryn on The Annex

05 Mar Living in Toronto, The Annex where escorts eat?

Most weekends the Ladies of Cachet Ladies Escorts love to live it up, they visit the best restaurants and attend all of the latest fashion shows. But what about Slow Saturday's and Sunday's? So where in Toronto do the hottest escorts of Toronto's nightly entertainment industry go? Well one of our favorite areas of the city is called The Annex. 

For those of you who have lived in city most of their lives this won't be ground breaking news. However we hope that by highlighting some of the coolest features The Annex has to offer that we at least re-invigorate the interest that keeps us visiting this area of the city often enough to call it a second home. 

The Annex

When visiting from out of town this area of Toronto will most undoubtedly be on your list of places to visit. Whether you even know you are in The Annex if you headed to The Rom you will have visited Torontonian's in The Annex. The Rom is a magical place that truly makes history come alive, you can get lost in it's endless exhibits and truly walk out feeling and perhaps looking smarter. If The Rom doesn't suit you tastes there is always Bloor Hot Docs Cinmea, The Royal Conservatory of Music and plenty of amazing food. 

If you live in the city and are looking for something to do in the Annex this weekend a Toronto website called has a lot of great information about this amazing part of the city. 

For us, we love to visit the Harbord Room and can spend hours eating oysters or ordering white wine here especially on a Saturday afternoon. If you haven't visited this wonderful gem you are missing out and on any given weekend you are likely to see some of Toronto's most attractive female's. 

What are you doing in The Annex tonight? Do you fancy a private party? 

Our featured Annex Escort is Taryn

Taryn loves Chicken, Healthy Pizza and Red Wine she also plays beach volleyball. Bonus points if you can take her to her favorite Hotel the Shang, not in the Annex but she loves the pool there. 

Cachet Ladies Escort Taryn 

If you want to meet Taryn anywhere Tonight we suggest giving her a call at 416-410-5239.