Escort Agency Employment Questions

Working at Cachet Ladies is truly a privilege

Working at Cachet Ladies Escorts

Cachet is the longest-running escort agency in the country we are known in the industry as the most respectful and reputable agency that cares equally for its courtesan social companions as it does its clients.

We are an established corporation that is owned and operated with care, dignity, and safety in mind. We pride ourselves on honesty and reliability and we strive to meet these goals every single day. We are here for our staff and want to complement their lifestyles not control them. We are an agency of record that helps you meet potential clients and although we do guide your safety and provide financial services we aren’t in control of your business you are.

We are always here to help you transition into a courtesan companion and even leave the business and move onto your next career. Many of our former staff are now lawyers, nurses and even doctors. We want this to be a right choice for you and we are here to help every step of the way.

Cachet Ladies has the largest roster of courtesan escorts across Canada and we strongly subscribe to ensuring self-esteem and trust is part of your everyday experience. We like to think of ourselves as your business partner who supports you with connecting you with clients but also with your future. In order to work with Cachet Ladies escorts you must have an exit plan.

Escort Agency Employment Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for escorts looking to work at an elite VIP agency

We have put together this guide so that those who are seeking to work for a high-end agency have the knowledge required to make an informed decision. Working at a VIP escort agency is fun, exciting and even very rewarding. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about our agency.

Do I have to fill out the online form? Can I just meet you in person or can we do facetime?

We would love to be able to accommodate that request, however, we currently receive between 50 and 100 applications a week. The women who are taking their time and effort to drive to our office and meet directly with us are going to take priority in the hiring process. Please ensure that you submit your profile online with recent photos. If our hiring manager is interested we will call you back to schedule an appointment that meets both our schedules.

If you are having difficulty attaching images in the employment form it’s most likely due to the image size you are attempting to upload. Please call our offices immediately if you are experiencing any difficulty with our online application process. The online application form can be found here. 

How do I know I will meet all of your escort agency’s requirements?

There is no typical body type, hair color or background we are specifically looking for. However, since the position does entail social dating with men who are seeking the company of VIP models we do have some requirements that aren’t negotiable. We recommend you apply and if we are interested in meeting with you we will reach out. Unfortunately, we can’t hire everyone who applies however that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

What is the average salary of an elite escort at your agency?

This is a very good question and the answer honestly depends on the escort themselves, how personable they are and how good they are at social and dynamic interactions. This position is more about keeping people company than what most people think it is.  If money is the only reason you are contacting us than we probably won’t be a good fit. When people who are in difficult financial situations apply we are less likely to be a good fit. We are looking for courtesan’s who are seeking adventure and truly enjoy this line of work.
To estimate your take-home pay, please pay attention to our rate card. 

How can I be sure that safety is guaranteed?

Cachet Ladies is the proud founding member of the escort safety council.  All our staff is trained and never sends escorts into bad situations. Especially where you don’t feel comfortable. We cannot guarantee anyone’s safety 100%. We also can’t guarantee anyone driving a car today will never be injured in a car accident. As horrible as that sounds we stay in contact with you before, during and after your appointments to ensure you are feeling safe, secure and respected. We do the necessary screening before your appointment and if we feel you will be in danger we cancel the appointment before it happens. This is honestly the best way to protect all of our VIP escorts.

Can I be a VIP escort anonymously?

Although you can use a fake name with our clients, which we always recommend it’s not possible to complete all of your forms without having your true identification known. There are a number of legal reasons for this and should you be selected to work with us we will discuss this in greater detail than.

Is it possible to get a file or a photo of the potential client who I will be meeting with?

Since our privacy policy is so strict this would be impossible to do. We do not store, log or save any of our client’s info on file. This would make sending you a dossier on the client an impossible task. Perhaps one day, if the legal landscape changes and privacy isn’t such an important concern this may be a possibility. But currently, we protect our client’s rights to privacy 100%. We also with the same vigor protect your privacy as well.

How do I know you won’t book me with someone I already know?

You don’t have to worry about this happening because we know who the client is beforehand. Before the appointment, we always secure a credit card so we always know at the very least who the appointment is with. We also have the address. We share the name and address with you beforehand, should there be an issue we would deal with it before the appointment starts.  After the appointment is over we delete the client information and shred any paperwork associated within 24 hours.

What if this is my first time?

Before your initial appointment with a client, we will teach you whatever you need to know.  We encourage you to ask whatever questions. Your first appointment with us will be with trusted clients. Trusted clients are well behaved and are seeking social interaction with new women. If you ask anyone who works for us they will tell you that building a book of business with Cachet can and will be a very rewarding experience.

How is Cachet Ladies escort services different than other so-called high-end agencies?

Our agency has many clients, those clients use other agencies from time to time and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, we are more expensive than other agencies because of the quality of the VIP models that we hire. So the fact that our clients keep coming back to our agency says a lot about the hiring and recruitment process. Our agency has been around since the 90’s, and we are known for being the most exclusive. We have the largest roster of high-end escorts, the most beautiful ladies available at any escort agency period. We spend more money on escort profiles than any other agency and we attract a higher-end clientele.

What’s the work schedule like?

The most important rule about being a VIP escort is that you work for yourself, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. You are never under any obligation to accept booking requests. We never punish you if are unable to work. You are never obliged to accept an offer, and you can decline for any reason you wish.

However, that being said the VIP models who are flexible will be trusted with our most valuable clients. Working as a high-end escort entitles you to live life as an adventure. Our Escorts seek whatever arrangements they wish and become whoever they want to become. If availability becomes an issue, we will simply stop booking you and eventually your profile will be deleted.

We hope this handy guide answers many of your questions, if you have any others we would be happy to help answer them for you.

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